Photo on smartphone a real business

HD Interactive Intelligence: Mobile Technologies Will Change How Call Centers Serve Customers in the Middle East
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PD 24 avril 2013
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LP Dubai, April 24 — According to Interactive Intelligence, expansion of the mobile devices market in the Middle East can turn the business-to-customer communications on its head. Availability of multiple channels of communication on one device, simultaneous access to web and voice services, and contextual information about a customer via mobile applications, will eliminate the shortcomings afflicting call centres these days.
TD In the report on “The Future of Customer Service in a Mobile World: Smart, Connected Interactions”, published in July 2012, an independent analysis company Ovum defined the potential of mobile technologies as a chance to start a “smart, connected interaction” – a new type of communications with the customer. In the process of smart interaction, a business is aware of the customer context, and knowledge about such business contact elements as type of user device, its location, as well as products and charts viewed prior to communicating with a call centre consultant, all increase contact centre efficiency.

“If a system detects that a customer device is video-enabled, the consultant can then send, in the middle of a call, video instructions on how to solve a given problem. If contact with a call centre has been made directly through an automatic mobile application, the consultant receives information about the customer problem area and can, therefore, easily identify it. Does the customer seek technical help? Instead of a time-consuming question-and-answer method to establish the cause of the problem, a consultant can ask the customer to take and send a photo in real-time,” said Shaheen Haque, Territory Manager, Middle East & Turkey at Interactive Intelligence. “Possibilities of improvements to customer service, offered by mobile applications, are truly endless.”

According to Keith Dawson, Ovum Principal Analyst, in order to take advantage of the mobile technologies’ potential, business enterprises must implement a system to integrate all elements which today, in most enterprises, live in separate silos:

Data stored in business databases and CRM systems must be linked to both the information sent by the client while they are operating a mobile device and to the context data coming from the mobile applications.

Channels of communication: Smartphones allow simultaneous access to voice and web service, therefore, to manage smart connected interaction, full integration of all communications channels is required.

The device: The customer can connect to the internet via their smartphone, while talking to the consultant on the landline. To manage smart connected interactions, enterprise communications systems should integrate customer data flowing from any device, be it a landline telephone, mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

“At the moment, the majority of enterprises in the Middle East only begin to realize the benefits of mobile technologies in the area of customer service. Still missing is a complex approach towards data and interaction management. Nevertheless, intelligent management of mobile interactions is profitable, both from the customer’s and business’ point of view. I believe that, over the next two years, we will be watching a steady expansion of this market, and first cases of successful implementation will stimulate a wider adaptation of mobile strategies towards customer service”, said Mr Haque.

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Smartphone transformers, une étape avant la robotisation complète de nos foyers


Je lisais cet article:

Il ne se passe pas une semaine sans qu’un géant du high-tech n’annonce un investissement en Afrique. En début d’année, Intel lançait son smartphone Yolo au Kenya avec l’opérateur local Safaricom. Dans la foulée, Microsoft inaugurait son programme de formation 4 Afrika. Et voici qu’IBM ouvre un centre de recherche sur le mobile au Ghana, tandis que le français Gemalto a été choisi pour informatiser les listes électorales du Bénin et l’assurance-maladie au Gabon. De son côté, l’allemand SAP s’apprête à distinguer quelques pépites locales au Nigeria… Car l’innovation vient aussi des Africains eux-mêmes, quand ils transforment les contraintes du continent en atouts. Ainsi du Kényan Anthony Mutua, 25 ans (photo), qui a mis au point une technologie qui recycle, grâce à une puce intégrée, le mouvement des baskets en énergie capable de recharger un téléphone portable via un port USB. Le dispositif, garanti deux ans, peut être installé dans toutes les paires de chaussures. Gadget ?
TD Eric Schmidt, président de Google et auteur du récent « The New Digital Age », a en tout cas salué cette « innovation radicale ». Signe de futurs investissements ?

Page dirigée par Guillaume Grallet

L’énergie est également un combat de futur. Cet article nous montre que les smartphones ou autres devices qui gèrent déjà nos vies aujourd’hui, de vrais assistants personnels, en feront davantage.

La technologie réduit certaines inégalités et donc pas jaloux, nous avons tous un assistant personnel à condition d’en avoir connaissance et cela pose la question de l’usage.

J’appelle cela l’ère du smartphone transformers ou en cours de transformation.

En effet, le smartphone de demain est un robot en même temps une voix dans son oreillette, dans la voiture, dans le frigo, au travail, bref partout, bref un service.


Iphone sacrifice


All people knows that the entrepreneurship is a sacrifice may be without any success even if you learn several stuffs, you met many people and you improve himself.

But, you have not idea about all sacrifices you could do.

I have and it’s economic measure giving my iphone for one project’s task. It’s a sacrifice because my routines change despite me.

The question is: until what’s point are we addict smartphone?

This is important link:



Mam, my office is the social media, I’m sick?


In this story, I don’t know if my mam knows what social media meaning.

I’m working on the project in which now :

– 25% of time is technical and management project

– 75% of time is social media pass time because I need to understand thois stuff and because I’m looking for futurs partners licensing agreement or sellers partners. About you, I’m sick guy?

The last question is of course incitement.

The secret reflexion is: it’s normal that some of persons work only in social media? Is there the futur or is a little matter?

If you have time, get this video, it’s a new device for smartphone: photo and video get more advantage in smartphone.

One screen and cross all social media


Something’s missing to me : I would like to understand social media very well. I feel a hurdle, an obstacle …


Why I need to understand social? For business.  I’m looking for futurs clients, licensing agreement in USA, in Canada, in Europe for my product:  smartphone remote control for photo and video.


I wonder why Twitter, why facebook, why linkedIn, why facebook don’t make formation about social media. That exist, I want to known?


Because many persons are socials medias experts. Who name these experts? How we could know if these experts have skills to give us success in business in social media? Who can says here that his business has growth up more after advisors in social media?


The communication in social media has the same rules like communication or it’s different? What’s the difference in classic and social media communication? What is social media dress code in business, I mean?


It’s was my introduction because I have several questions about social media.


Twitter: when you’re in Twitter without owner development, you couldn’t sharing any information towards an another social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Samething about facebook without my mistake. And, Twitter is media, a huge RSS flow with Human being spread information.


Facebook: His CEO is the great business man.


Let us be agreed, Facebook don’t see coming Twitter, Instagramm.


If Facebbok has been these opportunities, has been created Instagramm, Twitter, etc? What else will be coming, facebook doesn’t anticipate that?


How to make more business within Facebook Planet? To create a smartphone? The service doesn’t good enough? And I return in my first question: is social media simple to make business? All business in all position (provider, social media, all customers etc).


I have heared that General Motors could invest a lot money in Facebook publicity or communication? It’s a sign? Facebook could being the future place to be of b2b?


The technology means optimization and I’m fed up to connect my mail, my facebook, my linkedin etc And I predict a fusion between Facebook and Linkedin or the futur social media could be to allow customer to have in the same screen all of skills like exemple: LinkedIn, Viadeo (Professional French social media b2b), facebook etc and this software will allow a cross filter by contact. It’s a predict or a wish? Facebook has be see that? I wonder.

Iphone and photograph


In France, we have Capucice Bailly who use her smartphone to take a great pictures.

This phenomen (photo in Iphone), many local french journals have make papers like France 2.

I have discover a Capucine Bailly colleague in USA especially in New-York yesterday Ben Lowy

It’s undeniable or incontestable, Iphone is becoming a standard camera.

I have metting Jose Alonson Leon ( in Paris. He told me that use  his smartphone sometimes for work.

Is Iphone the best camera alone? Or, there are apps make growth up it in the first popular rank of standard camera in world?

I think, Apps are not good enough. You need more device like this: