NFC, New Itunes and I-watch


Apple smartphone (connectivity, exchange datas, concatenation of several functions in on [Music, Photo, Video, VoIP and dual classic, Mail, ergonomics etc.) has managed to do what many of us do not get not to do: rationalization, optimization …

If Europe was the Iphone or France was the Apple iPhone and French leaders or European, there would be no such pessimism called “crisis” is saying that is the sign of changing world in which we must adapt.

The Apple brand happens at the end of a cycle, a curve or I do not know what matrix must offer new product among which the I-watch. This watch will probably deport certain features of your smartphone future.

According to the many discussions I have had with “apple addict” and living Steeve no rumor was true. Unfortunately since leaving the world of the living, the rumors prove to be more true.

Therefore, if this theory is not based on qualitative or quantitative basis turns out to be true, Apple should release this I-watch. What will she behave? It is mentioned above, functions alerts sms, mms, and other social networks but also message notification calls with options like “do not disturb” … It seems to be light for the Apple brand because although it does not have the same market power Pebble Cookoo and outperformed other Apple product appearance.

What does the future hold for Apple? And this ticket is the pure reflection of my utopia, my fantasies but also some analysis I must admit that the contours will not be effused here.
Users, experts or others have often criticized Apple not to include NFC technology in its products. If the proposed I-watch is real. This watch is equipped with NFC technology.
Indeed, it is easier to pay with his watch in his hand out his smartphone.

I do not know the architecture and operation of the NFC, but I can well imagine that the cash races by pressing a button on his watch Touch Panel to make a payment or interaction or payment . NFC will it be coupled to Bluetooth low energy or hight speed applications for which I still do not know the immensity in the video game, sport 2.0, in paris online etc.

Why Apple will combine this with i-watch the NFC? The battle today is necessarily in the management of digital content.

Asians especially the Chinese have chosen all Google TV, YouTube and Chrome TV to Amazon or Apple TV or other Asian competitors and everyone knows that the iPhone 5 sales in China have, it seems, not been match the objectives of Apple. I advance by saying that the NFC this i-watch will be an important part of this battle content. I remember that iTunes is content.

With your i-watch, you can program that you go eat, watch on TV, radio and what are children’s programs.

In fact, this i-watch is MS-Project with a content management planning much more powerful and efficient.

Why my analysis is crazy realistic anyway?

In the business model of the iPhone / iPod is the service (Itunes) that ruined the industry hard. Apple will either develop or Apple Itunes will create another interface iPhoto, iVideo, iContent, IUser, IALL with I-watch is seriously approached.

I also recall that all or almost Gaaf giants (Google and Apple Facebook Amazon) wish to acquire not only autonomy but also energetic autonomy in terms of storage. Soon, it will not only Amazon that will server farms with large databases.Why? Because the market

monetization is only the beginning. Of course, you can buy a song for $ 0.99 or € 0.99 click but there may be more monetized, how? Social networks have played an important and even if it is not his job, Apple needs to develop a social network with or without this name and I-watch with the development of a 2.0 Itunes can respond.
To pursue this analysis, please support this project:

This watch can also be the occasion to deport local database. Of course, there is the Cloud (there is not Apple) to optimize the management of these data. But the watch-I will follow in the footsteps of a talking computer architectural evolution and NFC as previously mentioned there willingly. Indeed, why go through a third party server to send data from A to B or vice versa.


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