One screen and cross all social media


Something’s missing to me : I would like to understand social media very well. I feel a hurdle, an obstacle …


Why I need to understand social? For business.  I’m looking for futurs clients, licensing agreement in USA, in Canada, in Europe for my product:  smartphone remote control for photo and video.


I wonder why Twitter, why facebook, why linkedIn, why facebook don’t make formation about social media. That exist, I want to known?


Because many persons are socials medias experts. Who name these experts? How we could know if these experts have skills to give us success in business in social media? Who can says here that his business has growth up more after advisors in social media?


The communication in social media has the same rules like communication or it’s different? What’s the difference in classic and social media communication? What is social media dress code in business, I mean?


It’s was my introduction because I have several questions about social media.


Twitter: when you’re in Twitter without owner development, you couldn’t sharing any information towards an another social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Samething about facebook without my mistake. And, Twitter is media, a huge RSS flow with Human being spread information.


Facebook: His CEO is the great business man.


Let us be agreed, Facebook don’t see coming Twitter, Instagramm.


If Facebbok has been these opportunities, has been created Instagramm, Twitter, etc? What else will be coming, facebook doesn’t anticipate that?


How to make more business within Facebook Planet? To create a smartphone? The service doesn’t good enough? And I return in my first question: is social media simple to make business? All business in all position (provider, social media, all customers etc).


I have heared that General Motors could invest a lot money in Facebook publicity or communication? It’s a sign? Facebook could being the future place to be of b2b?


The technology means optimization and I’m fed up to connect my mail, my facebook, my linkedin etc And I predict a fusion between Facebook and Linkedin or the futur social media could be to allow customer to have in the same screen all of skills like exemple: LinkedIn, Viadeo (Professional French social media b2b), facebook etc and this software will allow a cross filter by contact. It’s a predict or a wish? Facebook has be see that? I wonder.


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