Instagramm isn’t the most Apple app uploaded


USA is the country in world where people download more photo and video app on Itunes.

Instagramm isn’t the most Apple app uploaded in USA.

I’m talking about only free app (not paid app).

Snapchat is the first.

Why Instagramm is more famous than Snapchat?


Internet sharing is not free?


I thought, the internet sharing was free. But, I was wrong.

I will give a post “review” in Applestore about one apps and I read this message “In order to write a Customer Review for this item you must have purchased or downloaded it first”

What’s surprise?

Google Glass far ahead of its time


That’s my opinion, I think that the Google Glass is far ahead of its time currently in 2013. 

Apple and his products are declined day by day. And I don’t think so that the iwatch change anything relative the android power. 

The Google glass challenge and futher the Iphone (phone, music, photo, video, mail etc). 

But, The google glass is for the augmented reallty. Even if this concept is been in control, because  the augmented reallty is a concept not a technology, in our cities  the augmented reallty is not the standard. May be, it will become the standard in our connected  cities. 

There are many drakes about Google Glass. How many people  wear or use classic glass? How this people coul used the Google Glass and them classic glass too? It’s will be complicated. 

Google is a pioneer, but the Google Glass far ahead of its time. 

The device are becoming more power and more small. Example: PC became a Pad (tablet) and smartphone will becoming a watch like Biiwatch for a few functions for the time being. 


Social Network must paided people: revolution


When you tweet, when you post a message, when you give an information etc It’s the time, it’s the energy that you spend for community.

But, time is money, not I’m wrong.

I propose, I think tomorrow …social networks will paid you for your time because you have participed to success.

What’s do you feel about this proposal? It’s serious business model which carateristis must be defined? (From about volum of information, what’s category of business could give money to people …)

You’re not connected, I tell you: