The differences between Smart-Button and Biiwatch


Many people shoot photo and video with them smartphone.

Smart-Button is the first iphone remot control only for photo and video.

Biiwatch is the first bracelet iphone remote control only for photo and video.

Let learn the differences between Smart-Button and Biiwatch

1-/ Techonology

Biiwatch and Smart-button use Bluetooth low energy technology. It’s for this reason why Biiwatch and smart-button are better than Satechi remote control about photo and video.

The Bluetooth low energy technology gives more autonomy to customers.

2-/ The shape

2A-/ Buttons

Biiwatch and smart-button are 2 buttons: Shoot and selector.

  • For Biiwatch, these 2 buttons are positionned on the same blueprint. It’s more simple for people to have shoot button and selector in the same place
  • For smart-button, these 2 buttons are not positionned on the same place

2B-/ Leds and informations customers

When you shoot:

  • photo with the Biiwatch, the led green flash
  • video with the biiwatch, the led orange flash anytime

When the Biiwatch and Iphone are connected, the led blue flash anytime

The Biowatch gives the information to customers and the Biiwatch is synchronized with Iphone.

Smart-Button don’t give any information to customer when you shoot photo and video.

2C-/ Shockproof and Waterproof

The Biiwatch is waterproof and shockproof. Not, the smart-button.

3-/ Mobility or portability

Biiwatch has the bracelet. You could attached Biiwatch in the human body or any handlebard, driving… Not smart-button.

The people like the mobile accessories and the Biiwatch gives to people more mobility. Not, the Smart-Button.

In my point of view, Biiwatch is better than the Smart-Button. And, the Biiwatch is the perfect add-on of Optrix, Miveu, Hitcase.







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