No more time = smartwatch


The watch is important when you have the time to organize it. But the time misses, we run all time.

The rules are changed and the global warning, the day will be the night and the night still the night.

Why did you need to get a watch? There is no more time. You need smartwatch.

We have wrong about our analysis about the smartwatchs.


Because, the subject is the support, the subject is the bracelet.

In fact, the smartwatch is definitly the small smartphone which has changed it shape.

The subjet is bracelet because every accessory will be the bracelet.

Which is:

– fuel band by Nike a bracelet
– Jawbone Up a bracelet
– Biiwatch a bracelet the first smart shutter

I could list you at least yet ten product to show you that the bracelet is the subject no smartwatch.

In heath or sport, you’re many devices with the bracelet.

The connected object will be in your mind the bracelet.

The mobility required the adapted products or adapted shapes,and the bracelet is the response.

It’s why I think Go Pro bas been wrong about it new standard remote control.

We need to do many things in once because time is money and for this we need to wear a simple product like Biiwatch.