Bio: http://www.smartmobileaccessoire.com/Pages/smartmobileaccessoire.aspx Biiwatch - .the bracelet shutter, Biiwatch is a wireless remote control that allows smartphone users to take photos and videos in motion and at distance in many cases: sport, photo’s group, shooping family/friends events etc. The link between Biiwatch and the smatphone is achieved via Bluetooth Low Energy technology which gives a better autonomy and you need download application in Apple Store. In fact, Biiwatch is now available on Apple Store. It’s very simple to use Biiwatch because you’re only two buttons on keypad: a shutter button to take photos or start/stop a video and a switch button to toggle between photo and video modes. Biiwatch informs completely the users thanks to leds: • Biiwatch is connected with the smartphone (blue) • Shoot photo (green) • Shoot video (orange) • battery is low (red ). Waterproof and shockproof, Biiwatch is indoor and outdoor accessory. Biiwatch is also the best add-on for any supports accessories for your smartphone like trepod, Optrix, Miveu etc. Biiwatch is developped by French startup SmartMobilAccessoire.

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