Biiwatch on Apple Store


Biiwatch on Apple Store

Biiwatch App is now available on AppleStore.
But, you must waiting for few weeks for the product itself.
You knew that Biiwatch is the first bracelet smartphone remote control for photo and video.
Be fun, be smart, Biiwatch
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Biiwatch with Optrix, Miveu, Hitcase are better than Go Pro.

Biiwatch, test App for Iphone


Sometimes or for some activities, we need to shoot photo or video without the hands. Biiwatch is for you.

Biiwatch is a smartwatch for photo and video which use the bluetooth low energy technology (BLE).

BLE and the Apple products need the software to communicate.

This video shows the Biiwatch’s App test for Iphone.


Bluetooth Low Energy Devices: compare Biiwatch and Smart-Button PCB


Many public devices are developping with the bluetooth low energy technology among them:

– Biiwatch by SmartMobileAccessoire:

– Smart-Button by Movon

Let compare PCB of Biiwatch and Smart-Button


Biiwatch uses the bluegiga technology (BLE 112) and Smart-Button uses the Texas Industry shipset.

The BLE112 more protect the people about the effects of the spreading of the wireless network.

There are the simple button for the smart-button and the connector for the keypad for the Biiiwatch.

Everybody, people like more the keypad. The keypad is fun and more simply to use.

In add, Biiwatch is the outdoor device and I think smart-button is more indoor device.


How do you shoot photo or video your smartphone?


Do you think, it’s smart to shoot video or photo with your smartphone with your 10 fingers or 6 may be?

I don’t so.

We talking about NFC and you use at least 6 fingers to snap with smartphone.

No, I’m not agree.

You need one finger or two maximum to shoot with smartphone.

I present to you: Biiwatch, smartwatch for photo and video.



The differences between Smart-Button and Biiwatch


Many people shoot photo and video with them smartphone.

Smart-Button is the first iphone remot control only for photo and video.

Biiwatch is the first bracelet iphone remote control only for photo and video.

Let learn the differences between Smart-Button and Biiwatch

1-/ Techonology

Biiwatch and Smart-button use Bluetooth low energy technology. It’s for this reason why Biiwatch and smart-button are better than Satechi remote control about photo and video.

The Bluetooth low energy technology gives more autonomy to customers.

2-/ The shape

2A-/ Buttons

Biiwatch and smart-button are 2 buttons: Shoot and selector.

  • For Biiwatch, these 2 buttons are positionned on the same blueprint. It’s more simple for people to have shoot button and selector in the same place
  • For smart-button, these 2 buttons are not positionned on the same place

2B-/ Leds and informations customers

When you shoot:

  • photo with the Biiwatch, the led green flash
  • video with the biiwatch, the led orange flash anytime

When the Biiwatch and Iphone are connected, the led blue flash anytime

The Biowatch gives the information to customers and the Biiwatch is synchronized with Iphone.

Smart-Button don’t give any information to customer when you shoot photo and video.

2C-/ Shockproof and Waterproof

The Biiwatch is waterproof and shockproof. Not, the smart-button.

3-/ Mobility or portability

Biiwatch has the bracelet. You could attached Biiwatch in the human body or any handlebard, driving… Not smart-button.

The people like the mobile accessories and the Biiwatch gives to people more mobility. Not, the Smart-Button.

In my point of view, Biiwatch is better than the Smart-Button. And, the Biiwatch is the perfect add-on of Optrix, Miveu, Hitcase.






Biiwtach with its competitors


The people need with their accessories:

– autonomy

– informations because you must know what you doing and that what your accessory does equally

Biiwatch, smartphone remote control for photo and video, is better than its competitors, because:

– With the bluetooth low energy technology, you’re more autonomy. The Satechi don’t use this technology

– Biiwatch has 4 leds:

* Green: You shoot photo

* Orange: change mode (photo and video) and shoot video

* blue: Biiwatch and the smartphone are connected

* red: battery is dead

You don’t have these informations with the Biiwatch competitors: Satechi remote control and Smart-Button (Movon)

You’re many reasons to choose Biiwatch to shoot more, beautiful and amazing photos and videos.

New advertising service on Amazon US


New advertising service on Amazon US

All or almost the social networking allow to their members to do advertising like Linkedin or viadeo in France, facebook too.

Alright, Amazon isn’t a social networking.

Is the advertising, the only way to get money on internet?

I have met Mr Jon Rappaport, CIRPLE’s CEO in Paris there’s two months ago. He said the current social networking is mainly to enjoy (share photo and video) and the question is: how to get money in the futur?

There’s a big matter, because for many people the internet is free. The internet actors create a basic service free and if you need more services you must paid.

Look at paypal, it’s a free for enterprise.

I have many interrogations.